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Reeve Carney Online was an idea for the past few years, and only became reality in the summer of 2016.

I’ve been supporting Reeve and his brother Zane since 2005 when I first saw them with Jesse McCartney on his Beautiful Soul Tour (I may have made Zane a sign.. his first sign ever, that he asked if he could keep it). In 2008/2009 I made a tumblr blog for their band Carney that was online until 2012 when I no longer could access it and tumblr deleted it.

A couple years later I really wanted to do something else for the guys whether it be a tumblr blog again, or a full site. I just wasn’t in the place to commit time to such a task. Earlier this year I really pushed the idea really hard and Christy had bought the domain and wasn’t sure if she could commit the time such a site would need and she so kindly gave me the domain and I took that as a sign that the site needed to come to life. So I’m super thankful for Christy and she will remain on as staff because she’s so special and I think we could use her spirit around here.

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